Tarang Gupta


Skills and Qualifications

Led and hosted the Wharton Fintech Podcast as part of the Wharton Fintech Club, for the academic 2022-2023. My responsibilities and achievement included
1. Interviewed 40+ fintech entrepreneurs, VCs, and executives for the podcast
2. Led social media marketing for the podcast on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube
3. Led recruitment of next year’s board members and supervised 1Y team


I want to join the Board of Wharton Club of Chicago because I believe that the true strength of the Wharton network is only harnessed when there is interconnectedness among the alumni. I want to continue and build on the great work that the current board is doing, specifically by engaging the GOLD community through tailored events. I also want to drive a stronger connect with the Young Alumni team at Wharton to ensure that there is seamless communication that can help amplify efforts on both ends.