Alex McCammon

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Skills and Qualifications

In my legal practice I advise boards of directors, management teams, ad hoc creditor groups, and sponsors in all aspects of distressed M&A and financing transactions and corporate restructuring, bankruptcy, and insolvency proceedings. I have extensive experience assisting boards with strategic decision making and establishing and following processes that protect the company and the board from after-the-fact second-guessing (e.g., appointing new independent directors, setting up special/independent committees). I am comfortable with public speaking/performance; these days most of my public speaking happens in the courtroom, but in a previous life I was the lead guitarist and backup vocalist in a ska band that performed regularly in the Chicago and Urbana-Champaign areas.


My youngest brother has muscular dystrophy, a degenerative muscle disease, and fifteen months ago I took leave from my law firm to better be able to directly assist in his day-to-day care; that experience has helped emphasize for me the importance of community and mutual support, as well as the many invisible ways in which we can all work to make our society more open and inclusive. I believe the Wharton Alumni Community in Chicago can make an outsized impact through active involvement with local initiatives and organizations with the missions of making Chicago a more inclusive and open place to live and work