Meredith Mosconi

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Skills and Qualifications

● COMMUNICATIONS: I have multiple years of marketing experience, ranging from large multinational brands to small, limited-resourced brands. With this, I bring empathy in how and where to communicate information to reach the greatest number of people with the most efficient information.

● DATA & INSIGHTS: I am a number person (weren’t we all at Wharton?) and like to leverage data-driven insights in recommendations. I strive to back recommendations and activations with what we’re trying to accomplish and measure whether we were successful in accomplishing it.

● BOARD / NON-PROFIT EXPERIENCE: I have experience both with being on a non-profit board (both in communications & programming) and working in marketing at a national, leading non-profit.

● PUBLIC SPEAKING: I am very comfortable speaking in front of large audiences. I have developed public speaking trainings in prior roles, along with TA-ed and taught this subject at Wharton.

● SOCIAL MEDIA: I am not a social media expert by any means, but I have a pretty decent understanding of it based on my profession. I have a basic understanding of social media channels, audiences, tactics that work best on each, communication cadence, etc.


This board is already very accomplished, and I would love to help continue those accomplishments from prior board members.

Specifically, there are four areas that I can think about that I have particular passion for:
- Chicago Job Opportunities: When I was a graduate student, I struggled to find Chicago CPG that would recruit at Wharton. I’m not sure if this is still the case, but if so, I would love to try to build relationships with Chicago CPG orgs to make Chicago a more available destination to Wharton graduates in marketing.

- Networking: Admittedly, I have not networked as much as I’ve wanted to since moving to Chicago (two young kids will do that to you!) I’d love to help planning networking across the region so that we’re reaching all types of Wharton graduates.

- Continuous Learning: The Wharton Club of Chicago is offering great opportunities for Wharton graduates – I’d love to help make sure that message is getting out to as many people as possible.

- Pro Bono / Volunteer Work: As someone who is passionate about giving back to the community, I would love to continue helping both Wharton-related and other non-profit organizations. Wharton graduates have unique skill sets that I know could really help us to continue building our local community.