Jeriann Gumila

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Skills and Qualifications

● Board Development, Leadership/Teaming: Serving as a Board Member on the Wharton Junior Senior Advisory Board, I was nominated to represent the Wharton Undergraduate division out of 500+ students. In this role, I acted as a liaison between faculty and students, advocating for student needs and facilitating effective communication. I am also currently on Penn’s Young Alumni Board, in which I work with other Penn students to create communities within our respective cities following graduation.

● Social media: At Whatnot, I managed the Whatnot beauty Instagram, creating engaging social media assets and running the account to drive audience engagement, growing our account by 700 followers . I strategized and executed successful influencer campaigns, analyzing performance metrics to optimize content and engagement strategies.

● Event Planning: As the Executive Director of Cohort Rupee, I directed a 10-person team to execute 9 large-scaleeventsforall500Whartonfreshmen. Additionally, as a member of the AAPI planning team at
Whatnot, I am responsible for planning external panels, ordering swag, and creating community dinners.


I am excited to serve as a liaison for young alumni at Penn/Wharton and facilitate connections with young alumni at other Ivy League schools. Having found my closest friends at Penn, I am eager to continue fostering that sense of community in post-graduate life. One of my goals is to organize a large young alumni event in Chicago, where I can coordinate with friends from other Ivy League schools and strengthen our network.

I also see a need to improve the organization and management of systems for tracking recent graduates. Currently, there is no efficient centralized system to find other Penn students, so I propose leveraging LinkedIn to create a more updated and engaging database for Penn alumni to connect. This would not only benefit recent graduates but also enhance the overall alumni experience by facilitating meaningful connections and networking opportunities. I envision myself actively planning both social events and professional events for Penn alumni to leverage.