Chris Deyo

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Advanced Management Program (AMP 83)

Skills and Qualifications
In 2023, I had the opportunity to attend the Advanced Management Program (AMP) at Wharton as part of the 83rd cohort of the program. I was recommended for AMP by Walgreens CEO, Roz Brewer, who completed the program earlier in her career and thought it would be a great opportunity for me to expand my leadership and management experience. During AMP, I had the opportunity to meet many of the great faculty leaders like Mike Useem and Jeff Klein who oversee the program and were great teachers and mentors. In addition, I was introduced to a great network of friends and colleagues from across the globe who have a shared interest in continuous learning and community building. Coming out of the program last fall, I’ve been interested in ways that I can help give back and support the broader Wharton community within the Chicago area. While I grew up in Ohio, I’ve lived in Chicago with my wife Jill and son Daniel (5 years old) for over 15 years where I’ve worked in various corporate finance roles at Walgreens. I currently lead the Corporate FP&A function supporting strategic planning, forecasting/budgeting, and investor relations. In this function, I’ve built a strong network of finance and retail/healthcare professionals and have deep experience leading cross functional teams, managing complex projects and driving organizational success. As one of the first people in my family to attend college, I’m also very involved in the Walgreens diverse advocate program and mentoring recent campus hires that are part of the Finance Development program. As I look to find additional ways to give back, I was introduced to Cathryn Taylor who leads the Wharton Alumni Chicago Club. My hope is that with my experience leading large organizations and deep roots in the city, that I can help extend the reach of the Club to other Wharton Executive Education grads who share the same passion for community engagement and can contribute meaningfully to the clubs mission and vision. In my free time when my wife Jill and I aren’t running our son off to summer camp at Tamarak, music class, or swim lessons, we love meeting up with friends and neighbors at Ravinia, the Botanic Garden, or traveling to see family.

As a member of the Board, I would hope to foster a vibrant and inclusive community that provides meaningful opportunities for networking, professional development, and engagement among alumni in the Chicago area. Some high-level ideas that I would like to pursue include: 1. Enhanced Networking Opportunities: Organize a variety of networking events, including industry-specific mixers, career fairs, and alumni panels, to facilitate connections and collaborations among alumni. 2. Professional Development Workshops: Host workshops, seminars, and skill-building sessions. Topics could include leadership development, entrepreneurship, and emerging trends in various industries (e.g. AI). 3. Mentorship and Alumni Support: Establishing a mentorship program that pairs experienced Wharton alumni with recent graduates or those navigating career transitions. Additionally, offering career coaching, resume workshops, and job search assistance can further support alumni in their professional endeavors. 4. Social and Cultural Events: Beyond professional development, I envision organizing social gatherings, cultural outings, and family-friendly events that can bring alumni together. 5. Digital Engagement and Communication: Implementing digital platforms and social media channels can enhance communication and engagement. These forums can serve as hubs for sharing updates, promoting events, and facilitating ongoing conversations and collaboration. Even a simple WhatsApp group can be an easy and fun way to start. 6. Community Service and Giving Back: Lastly, I am passionate about giving back to the community and making a positive impact through philanthropic initiatives and volunteer opportunities. These are fun way to drive engagement in the club while serving a good cause.