Bri McDonald

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Skills and Qualifications

Working in product management for a large asset manager, my role requires great organizational skills to successfully see projects through to completion as I interface and coordinate with key stakeholders on a daily basis while managing timelines and deliverables. I have also gained considerable experience with boards through routine meetings (approximately once a month) with the board of the funds we manage to present business updates and seek approval of fund management proposals. Through these meetings, I’ve gained a robust understanding of the board’s structure, operations, and functions. These routine board interactions, in addition to internal presentations to peers and upper management, have helped me develop presentation & public speaking skills as I learned to package and present information to different audiences. Outside of work, I have used my event planning & organization skills to organize and host smaller-scale activities such as book club and film club meetings with friends (including organizing a trip to Utah for the Sundance film festival!), to larger-scale events including a Tax Day themed party that had approximately 50 guests in attendance.


As a young Penn/Wharton alum who recently moved to Chicago, connecting with younger cohorts is something very important to me. I’d love to see more events that can introduce and engage young alumni, whether it’s program-specific (e.g. a Huntsman program meet-up), or a more broadly inclusive event. I’d also be interested in helping organize more cross-club collaborations with clubs like the Penn Club, University Club, and/or other university alumni clubs. The Ivy+ Alumni Halloween event last year was a blast, and I think having more events like these would be a great way for alumni to further expand their professional and social networks. Lastly, engagement with the arts has always been an essential part of my life and is something I’d love to bring to the Wharton Club of Chicago, as I feel these experiences can be wonderful opportunities to have fun, connect and express ourselves on a creative level. Some ideas include: comedy shows, theater performances, art gallery/museum events, cooking classes, and painting or pottery workshops!