Sofia Papantonakis Vera

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Skills and Qualifications

Throughout my career at corporate giants like PepsiCo, Apple, and KraftHeinz, I've honed skills in strategic planning, business operations, and innovation. Transitioning to the entrepreneurial realm, I've cultivated a passion for bringing ideas to fruition. My initiative in proposing and organizing an entrepreneurial peer-advisory group for WACC showcases my proactive approach to problem-solving and community building. Although I lack formal board experience, I have a dedication to driving impactful initiatives, and would welcome the opportunity to be a part of the WACC board, with a focus on bringing the WACC entrepreneurial community together and foster synergies with other WACC endeavors.


IBuilding upon our WACC Entrepreneurial Roundtable initiative, my vision for the board is to elevate it to its fullest potential. I aim to expand and enrich the WACC Entrepreneurial Roundtable, fostering a robust community where like-minded business leaders converge to share experiences, address challenges, and craft strategies for success. This initiative will serve as an additional engagement driver for the Wharton Alumni Community in Chicago, amplifying its impact and creating a thriving ecosystem of collaboration and value creation. Furthermore, I envision establishing connections with other Wharton entrepreneurial groups to amplify support and foster collective success for all Wharton alumni entrepreneurs, as well as for WACC.