2018 WCC Board Application and Deadline

Date and Time
Wednesday, February 28, 2018
6:00pm— 9:00pm
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The Wharton Alumni Club of Chicago will be holding Board of Director elections this Spring 2018. We strongly encourage all active members to consider running for the board. All active Wharton Alumni Club of Chicago “Regular members in good standing”* can run for a board position.

*Note: A “Regular member in good standing” is defined as:

  • An alumnus, alumna, and present or former officer, staff, or faculty member of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, who currently resides and/or works in the Chicago metropolitan areas, Illinois, or neighboring states including Wisconsin, Indiana, and Iowa, and
  • Who has completed and submitted an (on-line) application and has made payment of required Club fees/dues.

Director Responsibilities
Each director has the following responsibilities:

  1. Directors shall participate in the working operations of the Club’s meetings, programs and related activities.
  2. A director in good standing must attend at least 50% of the scheduled Board meetings in person or via electronic conference.
  3. Each director shall also assume leadership responsibility for one or more of the Club’s programs, activities or committees, and actively participate in one or more committees.

Board positions are open to alums from both the MBA and undergraduate programs. Ideally, the board would be represented by a diverse group of eligible Regular members.

Next  Steps
If you are interested in running and would like to find out more about the board positions, please email Lynne Dant, VP of Operations, at [email protected].

Board Candidate Info Session
An Information Meeting for Prospective Board Members will also be held on February 2, 2018, 7:00am CT. For more info and to RSVP click here.

Board Application
All candidates must complete the WCC Board Application. Please email the completed form to Stacie Hyatt, Wharton Alumni Chicago Chapter Administrator, at [email protected]. The deadline for submitting the candidate form is Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

Election Logistics
On March 15, 2018, an announcement that the election has opened will be emailed to all Regular club members. To be eligible to vote in this election, one must be a paid member as of March 13, 2018. To verify that your membership is paid-to-date, go to the Wharton Club of Chicago, log on using your Wharton username and password, and go to Settings/Membership.

You will either see:

  • “Become a Member Today” if you are NOT a paid member, OR
  • You will see the specifics of your membership – effective date, etc.

Note: if you are NOT a member of the Club and wish to vote/join, you will need to click on the "Become a Member Today" link and follow the prompts before March 13, 2018. We'd love for you to join - for both the election, and for networking with your fellow local alum!

The candidate statements will be posted on the Club’s website. On-line voting via an on-line survey tool (e.g., HELIOS®) will be utilized to collect the member’s vote. Instructions on voting will be included with the on-line survey tool.

The election will close on March 31, 2018, at 12:00midnight CT. The Wharton Club of Chicago will have a third party (Club Administrator) certify the results, and the results will be shared with the members via email on April 10, 2018.

First Meeting of the New Board
The first official board meeting with the newly elected members will be held on June 6, 2018. At this meeting, the new board will:

  • Elect five officers from the new board, including President, Vice President(s), and Treasurer.
  • Begin planning for the upcoming 12 months.

Full Timeline
for the full and complete election timeline.

Any questions regarding the election can be emailed to [email protected].
Any questions regarding the Club or Board membership can be directed to current board members.

On behalf of the Wharton Alumni Club of Chicago Board of Directors, we look forward to your participation.





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