Wharton Reciprocity Wednesdays

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Wednesday, March 10, 2021
7:00pm— 7:30pm
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Are you looking to leverage the Wharton network then you should definitely make time for this fast-paced 30-minute event? We will be running Adam Grant’s ring of reciprocity. Listed below are some of the things alumni have found beneficial when participating in this event. 
The event is compelling for people who are: 
  • Needing help finding a job
  • Needing help changing careers
  • Needing help getting leads for your business
  • Needing help for your children regarding college or something else
  • Looking for a mentor
  • Looking for fundraising support
  • Looking for employee referrals 
  • Looking to help your fellow alums

If you RSVP to this event we expect you to attend on time because there are limited seats and the power of this session is in a small group of people who are willing to support one another in a short period of time. If we have no shows then this has a negative impact on others that are relying on you. 

What is the Reciprocity Ring? The Reciprocity Ring created by Wayne Baker, Cheryl Baker, and Adam Grant is the idea of both asking for and giving help to create a culture of giving. During the program, you will be expressing areas where you may need support such as connections, introductions, job leads, mentoring, or skill-building to name a few. In return, the group will be able to volunteer their support. We encourage people to support in small realistic ways such as making an introduction, etc. This is our opportunity to work the power of the Wharton Network in a fast efficient manner! Let’s have fun supporting one another! 
Why? Wharton grads all need help and Wharton grads all love to help each other. This structured fast-paced event is a can’t miss. 
When? Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, we will hold Wharton Reciprocity Wednesdays.
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