Intro to Tai Chi

Date and Time
Sunday, June 16, 2024
2:00pm— 3:00pm
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Arrington Lagoon Picnic Shelter - Centennial Park
1647 Sheridan Rd
Evanston, IL 60201
United States
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Linda Michaels Linda Michaels
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Tai chi, a shortened form of the Chinese martial art tai chi chuan, is a mind- body exercise first developed in China. Tai chi has been practiced for millennia because of its many health advantages, including mental and spiritual well-being.

Tai chi is a low impact. Slow, soft motions characterize Tai chi. This ancient technique involves moving continuously while focusing on breathing and meditating. As you progress through a sequence of poses, you concentrate your attention on your body, as well as your thoughts and emotions. You take deep breaths.

When you practice tai chi, you should be standing in a comfortable squatting stance most of the time. Squatting at different depths allows you to tailor the challenge of the workout to your own needs. 

About the Instructor and Facilitator

Wells Ye, WG98, is a Taichi Master with a 30-year legacy from Beijing, China, where he learned the original form of Taichi and has since devoted three decades to its daily practice. Beyond his mastery of Taichi, Wells Ye is also known for his entrepreneurial ventures, having founded and As an entrepreneur, he navigates the formidable stress, and attributes the profound impact of Taichi practice to bolstering his mental well-being in the demanding world of entrepreneurship.


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Arrington Lagoon Picnic Shelter - Centennial Park

1647 Sheridan Rd, Evanston, IL 60201, United States,
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