Actionable Insights for Achieving Greater Career Success – Workshop I: Building a Compelling Professional Profile

Date and Time
Saturday, November 5, 2022
1:00pm— 3:00pm
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These highly practical and content-packed two virtual (Zoom) workshops are designed to provide you with a critical understanding of the two most important determinants of successful career management – building a compelling professional profile, and, how to access and secure the right job opportunities. The result is a stronger and more resilient career that produces swifter advancement, greater job satisfaction, and substantially enhanced earnings potential.  

We encourage you to sign-up for this workshop series early. Participation is limited to16 people to maintain close interaction between attendees and the workshop moderator, Chris Nadherny. Similar workshops offered in the past have consistently sold out.  Preference will be given to individuals attending both workshops as the content of the second workshop builds on the content of the first.


Saturday, November 5 (Workshop I) - register on this page for this or both workshops

Saturday, November 12 (Workshop II) - register on Nov 12 page

TIME: 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 pm Central Time


Club Members: $50 per Workshop / $100 for both

Non-Club Members: $75 per Workshop / $150 for both

There has never been a time when proactive, strategic, and actionable career management has been more important. Two-thirds of executives substantially “under-manage” their careers at various points in time. Most of these bright, ambitious, and energetic professionals simply do not understand what proper career management looks like, or, how to achieve it. The workshops delve into the two most important components of effective career management – 1.) Properly building an enduring and strategically positioned professional profile and; 2.) Effectively accessing and securing the right opportunities. Improper career management leads to, conservatively, 35% less lifetime compensation.. These workshops are specially designed to assist aspiring C-suite alumni by providing actionable career management perspectives, insights, and immediate action steps for achieving swifter advancement, greater job satisfaction, and enhanced lifetime earnings.

The Wharton Club of Chicago has developed these workshops in response to alumni requests for assistance in navigating their careers through previously unseen levels of volatility and continued uncertainties resulting from ongoing repercussions of Covid, supply chain disruption, geopolitics, inflation, advances in technology, and M&A redefining competitive landscapes. Each of the workshops runs about two hours including content delivery, exercises, discussion, and Q&A.

Nadherny_Christopher_Merged_a.jpgChris Nadherny has agreed to lead these workshops for us. He is a Board member for the Wharton Club of Chicago and a former 30-year C-Suite search consultant and Senior Partner from Spencer Stuart, a leading global executive search firm. His prior seminars and workshops have included: “How to Accelerate Your Career” and “How to Become a More Attractive Candidate.” He is a noted author (The Proactive Executive – Amazon “5-Star” reader ratings) and respected executive coach who has assisted over 120 business professionals over the last four years.  He provides one-on-one coaching through his firm, Nadherny & Associates, and as an Executive Mentor with Crenshaw & Associates, headquartered in New York City.


Session I – Building a Strong “Professional Profile”

  • The Key Components of Your Professional Profile
  • How Strong is Your Profile?
  • Career Management – An Actionable Framework
  • “Positioning” Relative to Talent Supply & Demand
  • Defining Your Value Proposition
  • Crafting a Compelling Resume

Session II – Accessing and Securing “Opportunities”

  • Networking – professional contacts, recruiters, target companies, job postings
  • Effective cover letters
  • Staying organized – “Excel “Networking Organizer”
  • Industry transitions – risk and reward
  • Effective Interviewing
    • Preparation
    • Favorite interview questions
    • Distinguishing between different types of interviews
    • Mock interviewing exercise
  • Referencing
  • Effective Onboarding


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