“How to Optimize Your Career” Summer Seminar Series - Testimonials

Date and Time
Thursday, June 14, 2018
5:30pm— 8:00pm
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Horwood Marcus & Berk
500 W Madison
Suite #3700
Chicago , IL 60661
United States
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“Wharton’s Career Seminar Series, created and led by a 30 year Spencer Stuart search consultant, Chris Nadherny, is a master class in the truths and hard realities of career management…something that we are not taught in school. His unparalleled experience and insights in recruiting talented, proven professionals for exacting hiring managers are at once sobering yet motivating. No matter the stage of your career, it is well worth your time to reflect on your accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses as you apply his principles and extensive knowledge to your resume, current job, and broader career. He provides essential strategies and tools for staying relevant and attractive in today’s competitive and swiftly changing marketplace.” Suzanne G

“I recently attended the ‘How to Optimize Your Career’ seminars and am so glad I did. It was an extremely valuable experience that refreshed my thinking about effective and proactive career management. In particular, information about the impact of supply and demand for talent on your career provided me a more complete appreciation for my current situation. As a result, I have renewed vigor for the industry I chose to work in. I also found the Executive Profile Attractiveness Measure (EPAM) self-diagnostic valuable in helping me understand how to be more proactive and thoughtful as I develop a game plan for my career. I truly appreciate the coaching, the assessment tools and all the great tips Chris gave throughout the seminars. I highly recommend the seminar series to those who are interested in optimizing their professional success.” Patricia T.

"Chris Nadherny's “How to Optimize Your Career” seminar series is a practical and professionally game-changing look at how to achieve greater success in your career. He generously shares his wealth of experience regarding proactive career management from A to Z. Rather than presenting packaged "how to's", Chris encourages rigorous self-examination concerning how effectively you are navigating, or inadvertently mismanaging your career. You come away realizing the opportunity cost of being passive and not being in the game every day and building a differentiated market positioning. This is not a warm and fuzzy cheerleading class, but an honest look at succeeding in today’s turbulent marketplace. Through a Socratic give and take Chris provides the needed framework for achieving greater career success, job satisfaction and earnings potential. Often, we miss the fruit – both low-hanging and otherwise - that is hiding in the morass of our daily lives. Organizing this self-reflection mirror is Chris' way of rooting for all of us!” Dave D.

“Chris Nadherny’s ‘Optimizing Your Career’ Seminar Series was one of the best personal investments I’ve made in my career since leaving business school many years ago. Chris draws on his 30 years of experience at Spencer Stuart to share a lifetime of insights on all aspects of effective career management. Your career is one of the greatest assets you have and should be thoughtfully cultivated throughout your adult life. However, the reality is that while you work every day at doing your current job well, you tend to focus on your career only at those times when you want or need to make a change. At that point, you realize that you haven’t managed this critical asset as well as you could have. Chris gives you the invaluable insights and tools you need to be the master of your destiny. I only wish that I’d gone through this program much earlier in my career!” Dave B.

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500 W Madison, Suite #3700, Chicago , IL 60661, United States,
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