Webinar: Top 7 Ways to Increase Cash Flow Using Digital Marketing Strategies During & After Covid-19

Date and Time
Thursday, May 7, 2020
12:00pm— 1:00pm
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Business doesn’t ever stop, even during the most uncertain times, but how you do business will change due to Covid-19.  Companies have set up remote operations and travel, conferences, and networking have all but stopped due to the pandemic.  It’s a new normal for businesses around the world.

A vast increase in digital communications and online ordering provides business-to-business (B2B) companies with new opportunities to connect with clients and continue offering high-quality goods and services. With major conferences and trade shows being put on hold due to the pandemic, 42% of B2B conference budgets will now be allocated to either digital advertising or content creation.  It’s more important than ever to use online tools to reach your customers and prospects.

Learn more about the impact and opportunities of the current global environment in the wake of a pandemic, and the new normal of marketing your business.  In-person networking, tradeshows, and conferences will be on hold for the most part until 2021.  Use your time and tradeshow dollars in a more effective way to enhance cash flow.

Join digital marketing experts as they discuss how your business can grow in the face of adversity, and teach you how to come out of this crisis ahead of your competition.  Discover strategies to help generate leads and new business during this uncertain time.


I. What is a Global Pandemic?
II. What Impact is it having on Businesses Around the US and the Globe?
III. Where Can We Find Marketing Budget?
IV. How Should We Communicate with Customers?
V. Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies
VI. B2B Covid-19 Case Study

To learn more about the presenters, check out the WSI Digital Group Bios.

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